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    Parameter analysis of 3A molecular sieve

    Source:未知 Author:admin Release time:2016-12-17

    1)  Size ratio up to grade(mm,%): Size ratio is controlled up to 98%, higher value means better screen distribute. Bigger size molecular sieve is suitable for manual filling and the smaller one is suitable for automatic machine filling.
    2)  Moisture adsorption capacity (MAC)(%): The MAC is positively correlated to the quality of molecular sieve at a certain relative humidity and temperature. The prerequisites here are relative humidity and temperature which are very important for testing MAC. Only higher MAC at low relative humidity can demonstrate the drying ability of molecular sieve, this parameter affects delta T value.
    3)  Compression strength (N/Unit): If the compression strength of molecular sieve is too low, the molecular sieve will be crushed or powered at the transportation or be filled in the IG spacers, which would cause serious quality problem.
    4)  Bulk density (g/ml): This parameter is only for customer reference. 
    5)  Dust drops (NTU): this parameter is much sensitive for customer; the importing thing is to unify the testing method. Sometimes lower dust drops means more clean of molecule sieve. It is very important to keep IG clean after installed and protect the auto filling machine.
    6)  RMC (%): Also called resident moisture content. The less RMC in molecular sieve means the better dew point control. Less RMC level indicates better dew point level, and also higher delta T value.
    Delta T value (℃): The molecular sieve would release heats when it absorbs water. This parameter shows how much temperature would increase, when certain molecular sieve adsorb water under certain condition. As the process of water adsorption is a heat releasing process, the momentary delta T value can be used as a method to judge adsorption rate of molecular sieve. At the same test method, the higher the momentary delta T value is, the stronger the water adsorption efficiency is. The higher delta T value can guarantee the ideal dew point of the IG.